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    Do you remember when you first met? Your first moments as a couple? The shy glances, the smitten messages you sent each other, the whimsical smiles you exchanged? Your love story is unique, so is your wedding. We want to know how you met, when you knew you're meant to be, how you got engaged and certainly you have to tell everything about your big day. Shout us a message and we can make an appointment to get to know each other while sipping a lovely coffee.

Advent project

This is my Advent project. I try to write something everyday. It can either be about the day or about christmas itself. I also try to snap some pictures and add to this Advent album. Here is the template album for my project.

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Noelia - Your advent journal is simply stunning! Can’t get enough of it. Love the bw combo you used for the season, so clever! Can’t wait to see more of it.

JenK - That is gorgeous!!

Do you Backup?

I do! And there is a very simple reason why you should too – backups save our life. I mean how much valuable information do you store on your PC/MAC day by day? I defenitely do a lot!

And now you are asking why I talk about this? Today my computer crashed, it was not even starting anymore… (and it is still not starting). I really do not know why, maybe a virus maybe some other reason. Lucky (or smart, this is up to you) as I am I store essential data (like customer files/pictures)on external drives and so I’m saved for most parts this time. The worst thing happened due to this crash is that I lost ALL my e-mails! And there was some information on my C which I may not get back again. I just wanted to backup my C this week, but as usual if you don’t do it when you think at it you forget to do it til it’s to late. – So if you think you should backup your PC or MAC do it, do it right now. It may save your life…

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Remember this post? I orderd it and it arrived yesterday. So within a few weeks our family grew by two magic lenses. And there are some more family members out there, begging for my money, lol.

Besides this amazing lens I got another gadget:

so fun to play with and the best thing is, it combines a mobile phone, music player and a camera in one thing. The camera is really not to bad, up to ISO800 and 5MB Pixel. And besides all his nice features it just looks stylish and classy. What could a girl ask more from a phone?

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